February 6, 2016

Remove Tube Dimmer virus. How to uninstall extension

Tube Dimmer virus is a potentially harmful and unwanted browser addon which can be added to google google chrome, firefox, safari or internet explorer. It very first target is to spread SPAM, for this purpose, the Tube Dimmer malware will place commercial advertisements inside your browser. So when you go to any website like ebay, Youtube, twitter, you will see Ads by Tube Dimmer appearing inside the webpage. Additionally it may cause Tube Dimmer popup windows to appear on your screen. Apparently, its popups are filled with advertisements from which attackers make profit. Some people may have downloaded the Tube Dimmer virus as a “youtube video downloader” software from its official website but actually that is just a trick to make users install this corrupt program.

What is Tube Dimmer and how dangerous it is:

  • Basically The Tube Dimmer is a bad software/application designed by cyber criminals to harm your computer and alternatively achieve commercial advantages.
  • It is an intrruder that uses unfair tricks and methods to get into your computer. Usually its aim is getting installed without your knowledge
  • It can and it will modify your current system/browser configurations to send malicious commands to your machine.
  • It promotes Spam and drives you to network of unsafe web domains, it may install further corrupt software from Internet too.
  • It Spams on infected computers, displays annoying advertisements.
  • It breaks into your privacy, captures keywords, collects persoanl information by tracking your web browsings.

Manual removal of Tube Dimmer:
To manually uninstall Search engine, plugins/extensions and toolbars installed by Tube Dimmer virus, open the Add-on manager of your browser which can be accessed through Tools > Internet options in Internet explorer. Similarly, open the Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox or other program`s settings. It may looks like (or a bit different) as shown in the image below.


Now go to, Toolbars and Extensions menu and remove the Tube Dimmer if listed. Then select the Search Providers and find the Tube Dimmer and remove if it appears.

Now open Browser settings/configurations and:
Delete Cookies.
Delete cache content and web history.
Make sure the Pop-up blocker is turned ON.
Homepage is pointing to a safe website or is Blank.

Now go to the windows Control Panel:
open “Programs and Features” or “Add/Remove Programs”
Look for Tube Dimmer in the list of installed programs and then Uninstall/Remove.

Tube Dimmer virus removal tool
Choose a download from the list below to get rid of this malware using an automatic software.

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